How can I make a payment? offers our members the most secure and respected credit card services on the Internet with CCBill, also payment by SMS and Internet Banking..

My personal information are confidential?

You can be 100% sure that your personal information will be kept confidential, and that it will never be used to send you any spam.

How can I cancel my payment?

If you are not satisfied with our services and you wish to cancel your payment you can do this at any time following, If you still need assistance, please send an email to and we will answer as soon as possible.

What is the confirmation email?

After registration you will receive an email that contains your personal informations. Note that you must save this confirmation e-mail. Do not share your registration information ( password or user)! If you do so and you will be logged on with two different IPs at the same time, your user will be locked out .

You can check out our Membership Agreement following the link below, for further details . Your address will only be used as a validity confirmation. You will not receive any advertising emails. Your email is used only for membership info.

Trouble logging in?

If you are unable to log in, it may be because:

Wrong username or password

If you are unsure whether you are using the correct username or password, you can use the function of the page to receive credentials. It is of course important that you enter the email address you used when you created your profile, as the information will be sent at this email address.

Removed / "regretted"

You have got 1 hour to create your profile ( input age, height, etc.). Within this time your profile must be completed.

In the opposite case the system will consider the establishment as "repented" and your profile will be automatically removed. If you do not comply with the rules for the description text, your profile will also be removed.

If you don't have enough inspiration doing a brief description about yourself, do not add different signs to complete the field. This will lead to an immediate account termination. We recommend you to prepare a short list about yourself ( description, likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc.) and then you can start creating your online profile.

Text content that is contrary to the rules will also lead to deletion.

If we will receive any kind of reviews on profiles that causes troubles to other users, we will investigate this matter.If it is a true accusation your profile will be deleted. According to our terms, such profiles will be deleted without notice.

Cookies are disabled

This is a big general problem in Windows XP! A "cookie" is a small harmless file, which will be added to your computer when you log on. If your computer is configured in a way that doesn't accepts cookies, we can not record your login.You must go into the configuration of your browser and allow cookies and then the problem should be solved.

How to configure your browser for cookies?

First of all you must open an Internet browser. Then you must click on the link "Tools" from your browser menu. After that you must select "Internet options ..." . Then select the "Privacy" tab. Here you can configure the authentication cookies. If it still does not work, then you can delete existing cookies and clear your "cache" (stored visited pages).

1) Click again on the link "Tools" and select "Internet Options ..." 2) In the middle of the box you will find the area "Temporary Internet Files" 3) Click on "Delete Cookies ..." 4) Click on "Delete Files ..." 5) Then cross the "Delete all offline content" in the next little box. 6) Click "OK" Depending on how long ago the last time you deleted Cash, the action will take a few minutes.


The date on your computer may also be of importance. If this is not properly set up, you should do this from the beginning.

Pop-up killers

Due to the annoyance of innumerable pop-up ads on the Internet, we have developed various "popup killers" that can be installed on your PC to avoid this kind of commercials.

Some of these "popup killers" can cause problems when you try to log into the site.

This can be resolved either by disconnecting feature when using, or by entering our site as Trusted (approved) in the list of sites that you trust.

Place in your trusted sites.

Since doesn't uses pop-ups or banner advertisements or in any way trying to "borrow" information from your PC, we recommend that you add into your list of trusted sites.

Here is how you can do this: Right-click on the Internet icon and select "Internet Properties". Select the tab "Security". Select the "Trusted Sites". The icons will now be able to click on the button "Areas". Once you have done this, you can add to your list of trusted sites. This can be very useful if you have updated the computer with ServicePack2 (SP2) from Microsoft.

If you "secure" our site , you can avoid many problems.

If you have any other questions regarding the login issues you can send an email to and one of our technical team will help you.

Use common sense

For your own sake please follow these tips below:

(1) Never give out your private address, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc. in your profile text, which can be linked directly to you and may be exploited maliciously.

(2) Before any schedules of a meeting, ask for a phone number. In this way you can easily get in touch with your partner.

(3) If you book a meeting, make sure that it takes place in a public place. Tell any friends / family where the meeting takes place, and when do you expect to be home again.

Reject offers of money

Please take in consideration that some profiles are using money as a bait to make contact. The purpose of this is to lure you with greater amounts of money in the hope that you "bite the hook" and accept sexual intercourse for payments.

First of all, this will make you a prostitute - something you should think long and hard before you decide which alternative you will choose.

Secondly , it is very ugly if your partner will find out later about your activity.

The first step

Don't worry about making the first step. Be the one who takes the initiative. Do not sit and hope that others will contact you first. This way you won't waste any time and if you are lucky you will find you love.

Do not be discouraged even if it is a while before you get an answer. There are many reasons for this kind of situations, and it is important for you to have patience and wait for an answer.

Attach a photo to your profile

Be sure to attach a picture to your profile! It is a fact that profiles with photos are much more likely to receive offers - than those without one.

Many won't respond if there is not a picture included that shows the person behind the letter. You can upload photos directly from your computer to . This function is available also when you are offline.

Your personal description

Information about yourself and person specifications must be accurate and honest! The description must be significant and interesting - and not, as in this example: "Hi, I'm just looking ..."

Read carefully and imagine that you are reading someone else's profile. It appears from the description what kind of person you are and what you want . You can always change the text by clicking on the button "Your Profile" when you are online.

First Impressions

Before you send a letter to a selected profile, you should think carefully about the wording. Remember that first impressions are crucial! Avoid small and uninteresting greetings if you really are hoping for a contact profile.

It is important to say why you chose the person you contacted.

Write personal

Avoid sending out hundreds of letters in a short time. If you do not get the response you want, it is conceivable that the text needs editing. Remember: Patience is a virtue ...

Remember humour!

There is nothing that seems more liberating than a little humour in all that serious. This applies to both partners, but do not exaggerate .

Chemistry / interests

When you want to contact a profile, you must read all the information / descriptions carefully in order to be sure that their interests, hobbies, etc. fit with your own.

A pretty face may seem dazzling at first glance, but the chemistry should also vote.


Most important of all: Be honest! Do not make yourself neither worse nor better than you really are. In short: Be yourself!

Good luck Greeting us at